Past Earnest Tube Client List

The Earnest Tube is proud to have worked with the following artists to date (as of 11/3/18):

* = As part of Earnest Tube’s inaugural compilation entitled “Analog Rebellion”. Purchase Vinyl Here! / Stream Here!

-Charles Hill Jr. (Cleveland, OH) Purchase Here!

-Tim Easton (Nashville, TN) Purchase Here!

-Steel City Jug Slammers (Birmingham, AL) Stream Session 1 Here! Stream Session 2 Here!

-Joel Mayville (Windsor, ON)

-Spyder Stompers and Sugarpie (Cleveland, OH)

-Steve Harrison (Cleveland, OH)

-Ray Flanagan* (Cleveland, OH)

-Thor Platter (Cleveland, OH) Watch Video Here!

-Sands and Hearn* (Cleveland, OH)

-Brandon Lee (Cleveland, OH)

-Lawrence Daniel Caswell* (Cleveland, OH)

-Angelisa Crognale* (Cleveland, OH)

-Aaron Civil War* (Cleveland, OH)

-Dylan Grove (Asheville, NC)

-Rebekah Jean (Cleveland, OH)

-Jason Schaffer* (Cleveland, OH)

-Gretchen Pleuss* (Cleveland, OH)

-R.A. Washington* (Cleveland, OH)

-Elizabeth Kelly* (Cleveland, OH)

-Brent Kirby* (Cleveland, OH)

-Moose Roberts (Bristol, VA) Purchase Here!

-Chris Bishop (Stafford, VA) Purchase Here!

-Jason White (Nashville, TN)

-David Childers (Charlotte, NC)

-Jason “Hoss” Hicks (Norfolk, VA) Full-length album coming soon!

-Pierceton Hobbs (Clintwood, VA)

-JP Parsons (Bristol, VA)

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